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The Right Turn


Rachael is a hard working, ambitious 29 year old Londoner who relocated to the beautiful Georgian city of Bath in the South West of England after the death of her father four years ago. She now finds herself alone after she walked in on her boyfriend James cheating on her. Although upset, Rachael is not devastated by the split as he constantly belittled and controlled her throughout their relationship.

Rachael quickly begins a new relationship with Ethan after meeting him on a night out drowning her sorrows with friends and soon realises that he is her forever after. But James finds the split difficult to come to terms with and becomes obsessed with trying to win Rachael back, threatening her and those close to her as the story takes a sinister turn with an extreme outcome.

In a casual coffee meeting Detective Sergeant Deborah Beaufort, (The New Dawn) who is the police officer leading the investigation into trying to catch James, admits that they are beginning to give up all hope in finding him and gives Ethan the idea for the perfect murder, but will Ethan and Rachael act on their instincts and take the right turn?

The Right Turn is initially a love story between Rachael and Ethan but soon develops into suspense when James' need to win Rachael back develops into madness.

Buy The Right Turn in ebook or paperback.

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