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The New Dawn


Egypt, a country Eloise had only dreamed of visiting since she was a child, is about to give her more adventure than she could have ever have thought possible, after she takes the hard decision to continue with her honeymoon alone when her wedding is cancelled.

After taking refuge in a coffee shop in Karnak Temple, she meets Jackson, an American Ph.D. student, who invites her to dinner and over the next few days they visit the tombs and temples of Luxor together, as well as enjoying a cruise down the Nile.

Jackson eventually persuades Eloise to extend her holiday and come with him to Cairo after they both admit their love for one another, but their love story is cut short when Eloise is accused of murder and thrown into a notorious Egyptian prison.

Can Jackson help clear her name, with the help of British Detective Debbie Beaufort (The Right Turn) and save her from the death penalty?

The New Dawn is a love story which takes place within the ancient ruins of Luxor and Cairo but this beautiful romance is cut short when the story turns into a murder mystery. 

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