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The Jasmine Tree


Michael Reynolds, ex-Royal Marine and SBS (special forces), has been deep

undercover in London's Russian Mafia for two years.

He hates his assignment, but being half Russian, he was called upon to infiltrate the organisation by MI5. Now called Mikel, he has been tasked by his mafia bosses with finding girls in Eastern Europe who are to be put to work in the sex industry in New Orleans.

In a chance meeting, Mikel meets Lilly Summers and starts an intense relationship, but soon backs away when he realises he is getting in too deep and doesn't want Lilly to get dragged into his pseudo life and the organisation he works in.

But Lilly is offered a job she cannot refuse, working for Mikel's Mafia boss and their relationship is taken to the next level as he relises he has fallen deeply in love with Lilly.

Mikel is advised that Lilly is not all she seems, and his troubles really start when Lilly goes missing, presumed dead.

But Michael is troubled in other ways...what's in his nightmares and what is the

significance of the large tattoo that covers his back?

The Jasmine Tree


Gayle Cranfield

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