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The Forever Forest


Thirty-two year old Sarah Rogers' has been discovered dead in her home in Bath, South West England from what, on first inspection, seems to be natural causes. Detective Sergeant Rebecca Leigh has been called out to routinely check the scene to ensure no foul play and is convinced, as is the pathologist Tanya, Sarah has died in her sleep, fully clothed and wrapped in a blanket.

But when Sarah's body arrives in Tanya's lab she is dressed differently, has been raped and asphyxiated, and when Rebecca returns to the original scene, Sarah's house has been turned upside down.

Rebecca discovers another police department has a similar murder scene and starts to liaise with DS Travis of Dorset CID and when another 'natural causes' murder occurs, Rebecca invites Travis to her crime scene where he brings a psychic investigator, Gabriel Lewis with him. Rebecca finds herself attracted to the weird, timid but beautiful investigator.

A link to the murders is made to a new Steam Punk nightclub, The Wolf's Den. Rebecca and Gabriel meet the owner, Darius Wolf, a formidable character ,but when Rebecca interviews Wolf, he seems to hypnotise her and when leaving, she becomes disorientated, leaving Gabriel no choice but to take her to his home.

In the morning, she has no memory of meeting Darius Wolf at the club, but the attraction between Rebecca and Gabriel gets to boiling point and Rebecca discovers Gabriel is not as he seems as The timid psychic turns out to be a Dominant in the bedroom and totally turns her world upside down, as the normally very strong willed woman realises what she has been missing in her previous relationships, enjoying the submission Gabriel requires from her.

Rebecca collapses at work when a mysterious silver rose pendant is found in her drawer, and stays with Gabriel to recover, sampling more of the submissive lifestyle she has begun to enjoy. But when Darius kidnaps Rebecca, putting her in a deep sleep, Gabriel has to somehow find a passage into Rebecca's dream to save her.

The Forever Forest


Gayle Cranfield

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