Gayle Cranfield - Author   

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Gayle Cranfield was born in East London and found her forever after, Mark at the age of 14.

After 30 years of being together, they have two children and now live in Wiltshire in the South West of England somewhere between Stonehenge and Bath. They have one child at University in Wales studying Psychology and another at the London College of Fashion studying Make up, Hair and Prosthetics for Performance (Training to become a sci-fi makeup artist for film and TV basically.)

Gayle was an Account Manager for a manufacturing company until 4 years ago when, after a weird shamanic experience in Brazil she changed her life path and retrained as a beauty therapist. She now owns a successful beauty salon in her home town.  Whilst on a road trip around California in 2013, she read some disastrous books and when she returned home decided to write one of her own. Having never creatively written a word since school, she picked up her iPad and hesitantly started to write in secret thinking she'd write a short story. Her most productive time of the day was as soon as her husband left for work at 6am and before her first beauty client was due at 9am and then in between appointments, if she had a spare hour. Before she knew it, she had 20 chapters and 97000 words!

"It is great to see your work come alive," Gayle says. "Although you have had various Beta readers telling you it is a great story and a real page turner until a publishing company says 'Yes we want your work' you only think your friends are being nice and trying not to hurt your feelings. Seeing the front cover being emailed to me for approval with my brother-in-law's photo of Bath in the background, was when the reality hit me that this was actually happening and people other than my friends and clients were going to read it."

Gayle now has five books published, which includes the 2nd part of  The Jasmine Trilogy, The Scent of Jasmine which was released October 2015. Gayle writes suspense and paranormal novels with a very dark twist, aimed at 18+ age group. She now wants to be able to write full time and hopes that in a few years the dream will become reality.